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Most frequently asked questions.

Yes, I will work with you to come up with something that you like to get started. I am not a graphic designer, but we can work together to get something ready that will look great on your site.

Yes. Together we will choose colors you love and fonts you can use across all your content creation. You will receive a branding sheet with the colors, logo, and fonts used on your site.

I will set up your home page, category, blog, about me, contact page, and a privacy page.

No, I am not a graphic designer. I offer this service to new bloggers who want to skip the site setup stage and get right to blogging and or coaching and creating content. My clients love my work and are very happy with the results. Check out their sites on our review page.

You will want to set up a privacy and disclosure page for your site.

I will set up your site for you and help you get started with branding for $500usd. Web stories start at $12.00/story. See our Pricing Page for more details.

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